Elementary Religious Education

Religious Education for our children begins in September of each year.


For those families who are interested in Homeschooling this year please come into the Parish office to register and get the necessary resources for Homeschooling.

Elementary Religious Education

As a community of faith, we have a responsibility to ourselves and one another to enter into the process of on-going formation. This process is a life-long journey leading us into a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus, Risen Christ. Our children are an important part of this process and should be enrolled by the age of 4.

We offer the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for those who begin at that age. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a religious formation for children, that is quite different from the published programs. It does not use a Catechetical series of books or take place in a classroom. In this approach there is a room prepared for the children in which every object is a help to knowing God. It is a place of simplicity and order, prayer and work and community. Everything in this room, known as the atrium, is intended to be appropriate to the ages and sized of the children who gather there. The atrium allows the children to come into a contact with scripture, the liturgy of the church and in time for the older ones, the whole sacred history.

For those beginning at the age of seven or older, we have classes that use Catechetical series of books and are taught in a classroom environment.

Children who begin in the 2nd grade must have one previous year of Catholic Education to be able to study for the Sacrament or Reconciliation. Preparation for this sacrament is incorporated into their regular curriculum during their second year.

In the Diocese of Phoenix, First Eucharist and Confirmation are received in 3rd grade. You must have had two years of Catholic Education instruction before the 3rd grade in order to be eligible for Sacramental Preparation.

If you are registering your child for the first time at the 3rd grade level or older we offer a sacramental preparation class for two years. Please see the requirements of RCIC.


Fee for the sessions are $35.00 per child, and $85.00 for families with 3 children are more. Scholarships are available.

Retreat fee for those children receiving a sacrament $10