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Thanks for the welcome!

07-10-2019From the Parish Administrator’s DeskRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Dear Parishioners,

Thanks for the welcome! Fr. Julius Kayiwa and I are happy to work in your midst both at St. Mary's Kingman and Our Lady of the Desert, Dolan Springs. We take these assignments seriously. We see these assignments as our call to duty in the Church and we remain grateful to Bishop Thomas Olmsted and his auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Nevares for trusting us.

Since arriving here, many parishioners are asking the kind of leadership we shall offer. The leadership is that of Jesus and Mary showing us the way. As Parochial Administrator, I have taken time to read a brief history of the parish of St. Mary's. From the 1900s to the present time, many priests have worked here. The parish, therefore, has a long history in which many actors have come and gone. We are here not as actors but as priests ready to continue with the good works of our predecessors. In this way, I shall strive to lead the parish toward understanding the teachings of Jesus as exemplified by the Catholic Church. I shall strive to draw people to the Eucharist via the celebration of daily Mass.

I enjoin parishioners to give us their support in making this community the best in the Mohave County. For that to happen, we need to understand our parish vision and our mission – living as Jesus taught us through his interaction with his Mother Mary. We must strive to seek the prayers of Mary to help us succeed since she is the patron Saint of our parish. By going closer to her, she draws us to her son Jesus.

Few things in our plate for now; getting to know each other, getting to know the leaders of the societies, the heads of ministries of the Church and the work of our parish staff and volunteers. Also, there are diocesan projects we need to implement, and these will come up a few months from now.

As the weeks roll by, I hope to use this platform to inform you of our parish activities and what lies in the horizon. I hope to keep it simple as a means of connecting us to become one in Jesus. In this way, we can enhance our spiritual lives according to the teachings of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

Last week, a lady after the Sunday Mass handed me a copy of Bishop Baron's book Letter to a Suffering Church to read. I love it that she offered me something she loves and wants me to read. We need to follow the trends in our Church both locally and globally to keep us knowledgeable. I know many are doing this already. Kudos! I like such openness towards understanding what would help or not help our local church. Thanks to that lady for offering me Bishop Baron's book.

Please pray for us and we love you all.

Fr. Victor C. Yakubu