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Living the Parish Life

08-18-2019From the Parish Administrator’s DeskRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Dear Parishioners,

Greetings in the name of Jesus. After four weeks, a few things are evident in our parish of St. Mary Roman Catholic Church. The desire for the Eucharist remains strong and the attendance at the daily and Sunday Masses show a rise in numbers. This is a testimony to our faith as Catholics. We are encouraged by your presence at every liturgical celebration.

In addition to the attendance at every liturgical celebration, I have noticed an improved participation in the singing from the congregation. The hymnals in the pews are useful in assisting congregants sing and I am impressed with the enthusiasm to praise God. More so, the choir gives us familiar songs in familiar tunes which help the congregants to participate.

Within the next few weeks, I shall be meeting with the sacristans, lectors, altar servers and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (EMs) to harmonize a few actions during our liturgical celebrations. Soon the dates will be communicated to them via their chosen means. Every person performing an action on the altar should prepare adequately before the time to ensure a smooth transition.

Thus, as Deacon Francis Staab has been requesting for the previous weeks, there is need for volunteers to give their email and phone numbers for easy communication. We need to reinforce our database of volunteers such as the sacristans, lectors, altar servers and the EMs.

This month, the celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will have a vigil Mass and another Mass on the day at noon. Parishioners are expected to attend as this day is a day of obligation to honor of Mary, the patroness of our parish. We shall seek to celebrate the Marian feasts with an additional passion since Mary is our Mother, the patron saint of our parish.

Two things currently:

  1. The adoration chapel needs volunteers for adoration at every hour especially the late hours of the night. It is important for families to choose convenient times to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration is encouraged for every Catholic and the Chapel is open to all of us to attend. Therefore, I encourage individuals, families, and friends to choose hours to adore Jesus for an hour. Please sign up and take this challenge passionately.
  2. Every parishioner should consider the Church as our spiritual family and endeavor to attend Sunday Mass (either the vigil Mass on Saturday or Sunday Mass). Many are proud of this beautiful Church and they attend weekly to worship here. For those left behind, we invite you to come and enjoy Mass with others. By using the Church as ours, we connect with other members to worship God in this beautiful Church. Also, by entering the presence of God at every liturgical celebration, we share in the joys of expressing ourselves to God alongside others. Therefore, let us continue to invite others as we set out to attend Mass or be with Jesus at any adoration.

I call on our parishioners to continue to pray for the success of our parish and the plans of the best Church in Mohave County. We can all join our efforts to make it happen because we can do it with the power of God and the support of Mary, the patroness of our parish. By using this place adequately, we express our faith in this Holy Place.

Continue to pray for Fr. Julius Kayiwa and I as we set out to serve you and the community at Dolan Springs.

All my love,
Fr. Victor C. Yakubu