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The Miracle of Multiplication

08-02-2020Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu, Parochial Administrator

Jesus multiplied two fish and five loaves for amultitude of people. He knew that the peopledepended on him while he taught them by thehillside. When it was time to depart and go backto their homes, he did not allow them to emptyhanded. He instructed the apostles to give themsomething to eat. They could only find two fishand five loaves. Jesus multiplied them and gavethem out for the people to eat.

Anytime we read this section in the Bible, we arealways moved with surprise that Jesus couldmultiply few loves of bread and fish for a largegathering. However, we should not be surprisedcompletely and lose the point. Jesus is the sonof God. He came from the Father to show ushow much he loves us. He used many difficultand impossible situations to reveal, to us pieceby piece how much he cares about us. Insteadof believing in God’s ultimate power, wequestion everything about him.

Consider this fact. Five thousand men excludingwomen and children ate from the two fish andfive loaves. Do you know how much food fivethousand men could eat? What about thewomen and their children? Combining the foodthat came from the fish and bread gives us thecourage to term this a miracle. Our faith teachesus that Jesus did many other miracles tosubstantiate his position as God’s Only begottenson.

In our lives, we need miracles to strengthen usdaily. Rising every day in pursuit of our life’sambitions is enough miracle to keep us thinkingabout God’s inestimable power. He provides forus when conditions seem difficult. He protectsus against danger and our enemies. He givesenough strength to go about our daily routines.All these and many more are a demonstration ofGod’s providential love for us.

For this reason, we are connected to God’s loveno matter what condition we find ourselves. TheBook of Romans says, “Can anything cut us offfrom the love of Christ – can hardships ordistress, or persecution, or lack of food andclothing, or threats or violence? .

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year AThe Miracle of MultiplicationRev. Victor C. Yakubu, Parochial AdministratorNo, we come through all these things triumphantlyvictorious, by the power of him who loved us.” TheBook of Romans lays is down correctly, andmodern Christians must take this point profoundlyserious.

In a pandemic situation like this, our faith ischallenged in many ways. We do not seem tonotice any miracle coming our way. We think God isfar away from us. COVID-19 is real, and thedevastation is also real. We need to rely on God’spower for miracles to happen at this time of greatdistress. Just like the people by the hillsidelistening to Jesus, we ought to renew our faith andcommitment to God’s laws and wait on his divineintervention.

We are not the first in history to undergo apandemic. The first reading of today is alamentation by the Prophet Isaiah about thehopelessness in Israel. People thought that Godwas far from them. Isaiah strengthened their faith bygiving them hope. He said, “Why spend money onwhat cannot nourish and your wages on what fails tosatisfy. Listen carefully to me, and you will havegood things to eat and rich food to enjoy.” Thewisdom that comes from listening to God and hischosen servants can save our lives fromdestruction.

We need to pay attention to what is necessary atthis time of great distress. From the lockdown of fewmonths ago to the present chaotic information in thenews media, we can only rely on wise counsel tolead us through this moment. Psalm 145:15 says,“All look to you in hope and you feed them with thefood of the season.” The food of this season is theliving bread that comes from heaven – the Eucharistwhich we celebrate every day.

Although there is a dispensation in place, we aregrateful to God that we can attend Mass in ourparish daily and at the weekend. We know thatJesus will multiply our bread and he alone can giveus hope in a hopeless situation. All we need to doright now, is to believe in God and believe in his Sonand the presence of his Spirit. God’s presence is inthe hearts of those who call upon him with faith. Helistens to our prayers and he will surely multiply ourbread and increase our changes of testifying in thefuture about his saving power. Keep praying!