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Humility in Service

10-17-2021Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu

When Jesus says, ‘the greatest among you must be your servant’, he wants all Christians to add humility in their repertoire of talents while serving others. By itself, leadership in whatever form, is meant to add value to people’s lives and allow them to taste a future reality from the present. Jesus exemplified this by laying down his life for all people. It wasn’t out of weakness that he did this, but out of love for sinful humanity that we may live.

The Prophet Isaiah in the first reading reminds us of the suffering servant who gave his life as an “offering for sin.” He shall see his descendants. He offered the best he could in his affliction, suffering and pain to free the guilt of generations yet unborn. Although he suffered humiliation, he taught us to live by humility because it pays to live humbly in the sight of God and man. There is no need for pride and boastfulness in this world because the things we rely on can fail us and return us to naught.

For this reason, the two sons of Zebedee approached Jesus to ask for favors. They wanted to be given exalted seats in the government of Jesus; a government they perceived to be political. Yet, Jesus had a different plan. His kind of government was spiritual governed by humility and servant leadership. The sons of Zebedee even boasted that they could drink the cup that Jesus would drink. After Jesus acknowledged their courage, he told them boastfulness should not be found among them. Rather, an open spirit of humility should accompany their service to others without lording it over others as the rulers of the world do.

Can you see the point in the readings of today? God calls on you to avoid boasts due to your superlative abilities leading you to snub others and render them insignificant. God is calling you to realize that the strengths you have should be translated into humility as you serve people in politics, government, Church, business, etc. What brings sorrows today to our world can be attributed to men and women filled with pride, who derive joy in denigrating their fellow human beings. Without the spirit of God in us, we run amok to painful decisions that others must suffer on our behalf while we watch from our exalted positions.

The book to the Hebrews teaches us that Jesus passed through suffering and he alone can sympathize with us in all ways. Since he was humiliated for no reason by the boastful authorities, God decided to exalt him above every other person. God brought him to life and gave him a seat of honor that is above every other. Therefore, at the mention of the name of Jesus every knee must bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth. What can you do to improve yourself in the call to humility as you serve others? Follow this path: Look up to God for direction, and see others as created in the image and likeness of God, then you can better place yourself at their service. God bless your good heart in bringing joy to others. Keep praying!