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What Shall We Do to Be Saved?

12-12-2021Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu

The question many people always ask at moments of great panic is, ‘What am I to do?’ But that is only for those who can summon courage and ask. At moments of great panic, many people are speechless because the situation has gone out of hand. In desperation we cling to any opinion from anyone around us to save the day. When there is no one to offer any opinion, we use our instinct, and so we act impulsively without damning the consequences. At that point, it is a matter of survival not morality that rules our subconscious.

No one should be taken unawares in anything. Preparation is key to a successful life. For these reasons we have created many avenues for communication so as not to be taken by surprise. When we travel and are far from them, we call to hear some good news. We communicate and remain in touch because it is important to decide together even when distance is a barrier.

John the Baptist had many people coming to him to enquire about their salvation. He gave them different answers based on what they were involved in. He urged his listeners to share their cloaks with those who had none. Even tax collectors were not left out. He urged them to stop collecting more than what was prescribed. Soldiers should stop extortion as a way of life. The list went on for different categories of people involved in unwholesome activities.

The lesson from John’s sermon should inspire us about the coming of Jesus. John knew in his heart that the crowd needed reminders about their individual lives and so he offered them direct responses.

The crowd began to mistake John the Baptist for the Messiah anticipated by the Jews. He replied to them, “I am baptizing you with water, but the one mightier than I is coming.” It was humility that made John to accept that he was not the Messiah. He knew his role and he acted accordingly in assisting people prepare for the great day of the Lord’s coming.

Instead of panic on that great day, Prophet Zephaniah encouraged the people of Israel to remain calm. He told them the Lord was in their midst as a mighty savior. The Lord himself will renew them in his love and there would be no more panic. What a joy to hear this encouragement from the prophet of God.

Do you see hope in hope of eternal life in your life now? God is speaking directly to your life. He makes you aware of your life situation, the hidden dark side. He knows it completely and he does not want you to panic and make the wrong decisions. Decide now about repentance just as John the Baptist preached to the Jews. Your decisions now will save the day when it matters most. St. Paul says the peace of Christ will surpass all understanding and make you guard your heart for all eternity.

The punchline is this: God’s love is without end and Jesus is coming to save you. Remove any fear and do not panic and decide wrongly. Eternal life is yours, and Jesus is coming to walk along with you to your eternal destiny.