Baptism Class

If you are pregnant, discerning to baptize your child or anticipating being a godparent with in a year please take note of the Baptismal classes for the reminder of the year. Register by the 30th of the month before the meeting date (example: Register by May 30 for Jun 12 meeting).

All paperwork must be completed before a class date is set. Call Donna 760-900-2336 for an appointment.A baptismal date will not be scheduled until all requirements are met.

Requirements Prior to the Baptism of your child

In order to baptize your child in our parish, the following documents are required before you begin the process.

  1. Must be registered parishioner
  2. Must have child’s birth certificate
  3. Godparents must be a practicing Catholic, in good standing. This means they have received Confirmation (certificate is required). If they are married, a copy of their Catholic marriage is required. A letter of good standing and proof of completion of a baptismal preparation is required for both parents and Godparents These forms will be included in packet.

Preparation takes time. Please contact Donna Wicker at 760-900-2336 to receive all necessary forms and information. A date for baptism cannot be set unless all requirements are met.