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Volunteering for our Parish Community

07-28-2019From the Parish Administrator’s DeskRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Dear Parishioners,

I greet you in the name of Jesus. This week I am impressed with the work of our parish volunteers.

The first time I arrived at our parish office, I was taken to a section of the St. Mary Center. I saw huge freezers and I began to wonder what purpose they serve in our community. I was told that they belong to Our Daily Bread, a society within our parish that prepares sandwiches for distribution to the needy in our town. I was deeply impressed. For the past three weeks, I have watched how volunteers go in there and spend hours working as a team preparing sandwiches and other goodies for the needy. This is what teamwork is all about, and what it means to live in a faith community such as ours.

This group is doing a good job using many volunteers. I am using this example to thank all the men and women who volunteer countless hours to make other people happy or add some value to our community. I want to encourage others to please consider volunteering a few hours a day, a week or a month toward doing something within our community. There is so much joy in serving others or in saving the lives of others through the work we do. This is doing what Jesus says – helping others.

In the weeks ahead, I want to know what other groups do. I love to know how they impact our community. With the passage of time, I want to understand how each adds value to our faith community.

As much as we appreciate the work of every volunteer, we also want them to remain current with diocesan regulations. Every volunteer should please undertake the Safe Environment training, a process that takes 45 minutes. Please register with Cary Ann Nunn in the office and she can assist you to remain updated. She can also answer any concerns you have with this process.

A few things fell into our plate this week: The endless familiarization with parishioners by identifying individuals by name. This is difficult but it's possible with time. Also, Fr. Julius and I have set up our offices. Pastoral work continues with more meetings with parish leaders especially the finance and parish committees. Fr. Julius is in Dolan Springs but every month, he will be here for Masses starting in August.

For those who desire the sacraments for themselves or a loved one, call the office for urgent attention especially for the anointing of the sick. Do not wait until the last hour before you call the office. Other sacraments and liturgical activities are also important such as attending daily Mass, going to confession, and fulfilling the Sunday Mass obligation.

Please continue to ask Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the patroness of our parish to continue to support us in all our plans. As a Mother, Mary can lead us to Jesus her Son. And we are prepared to listen to Jesus speak to us at every liturgical celebration on the way forward in our community just like those volunteers who add value with every work they do here.

We appreciate all our volunteers.