Eucharistic Ministers - EM

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in ministering Christ's body and blood to the People of God. They are called "extraordinary" because the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion are the ordained clergy (bishops, priests and deacons). Parishioners are needed to administer the Eucharist at all Masses, including Holy Day Masses.

Members of St. Mary who wish to share their talents with our faith community by serving as an extraordinary ministry must be a practicing & fully initiated Catholic, 18 years or older, and current on Save Environment training. Training is provided by contacting the parish office at 928-377-3435.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick and Homebound This ministry brings the Eucharist to a member of the parish who is sick or homebound. This can be a long term or short-term assignment based upon the needs of the recipient. Once a need is communicated to the parish office, a minister is assigned to the parish member. The volunteer will contact the person in need, or the requester, to arrange a time and day for visits. This ministry is meant to serve those who are in an extreme circumstance and are unable to attend Mass with their parish community. It also requires the volunteer to have strong communication skills and maintain prudence when interacting with the sick/homebound and their caregivers/family. To be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy communion to the sick/homebound you must be a practicing and fully initiated Catholic, registered at St. Mary, current on Safe Environment Training and 18 years or older.