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The Christian and Eternal Life

10-10-2021Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu

In a world that is gradually secularizing, maintaining the sacred becomes difficult. The Christian is constantly at danger of being attacked for his beliefs, his dogmas, and his teachings about the purpose of human existence. How did we find ourselves here and where are we going after we die? The answer is as varied as our belief systems. For the Christian, the meaning of human existence is completely tied to the purpose of God’s love for the world which man is given a supreme role. It is the duty of man to remember his Creator, for we came from him, and we shall return to him.

The gospel of today is about how we can achieve eternal life. Jesus clearly explains to us that we must detach ourselves from material things and give consideration for sacred duties. It does not mean that material possessions are evil but the attachment to earthly things can blind us about our mission toward eternal life. The disciples of Jesus had to ask who could be saved, and Jesus responded that this seems impossible for human beings but for God everything is possible. All men and women can be saved if we consider what God is saying. By this explanation, Jesus is encouraging rich men and women to utilize their wealth in the service of the poor. In the afterlife, there is no need for riches, as such; detachment from riches can allow one to serve God more dedicatedly.

The Book of Wisdom encourages us to pray for wisdom that can assist us make the best decisions in life. Wisdom is a rare commodity in the kitty of modern man when it comes to religious practices.

By this I mean that we often feel that God is irrelevant in modern life due to our comfortable lifestyles and enormous human discoveries. Yet, we must remember that we need God to direct us even as we record successes in whatever we do. The book of Hebrews tells us that the word of God is a two-edged sword, penetrating our souls and giving us the ability to reflect about our lives. It speaks to our souls and encourages us to adjust our ways.

The question of eternal life then becomes very complicated topic. This quest should begin from obeying the voice of God and doing whatever he wills. It is not out of fear that we obey God but out of reverence for Him who created the universe and all that is inside of it. The book of Hebrews says everything is exposed before him and he knows all things, therefore we must render an account of our actions to him alone.

In your life, remember to give time for the sacred because at the end of time we are going back to him in the hereafter. Use the wisdom given to you by the Father to discern between what is evil and what is good. Make the right choices and then you will be keeping God’s commandments. The world is secularizing, but at no time do we need the sacred than this time. God has simplified it for us in sending Jesus Christ as our sure hope of eternal life. He thought us humility and we ought to exhibit it in dealing with inner self. Are you observing the commands of the Lord? Keep praying!