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Enhancing Our Liturgy and Sunday Worship

07-21-2019From the Parish Administrator’s DeskRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Dear Parishioners,

I greet you in the name of Jesus. There are a few points to relate this week.

Since the Mass is the center of our worship as Catholics, we need to participate. While the Mass is being celebrated, it is important to respond to the prayers and receive that blessing from God during our worship. By singing, we pray twice as St. Augustine said, "He who sings, prays twice."

The adjustments in the Church for communion is to enhance our liturgy and ensure an easy flow of communicants. As announced last week, those wishing to kneel for communion should use the side kneelers to do so in order to decongest the center aisle. We realize that kneeling to receive communion is important, but also, there is approval to receive communion respectfully in other forms like standing. Please, if you want to kneel or stand, do so reverently and without any hurry as the priest and the EMs (Eucharistic Ministers) have time to attend to everyone.

In this regard, Deacon Francis Staab will take charge of liturgy and worship by coordinating all those involved with planning and executing. He is an experienced deacon and we are glad to have him assist in our community. Please give him all the support he needs to succeed and make us have memorable worship every time we attend Sunday Mass.

Very soon, I shall be inviting the leaders of different societies to a discussion. Although no date has been set, the discussion is to get to know them and what they are doing. I hope this can be accomplished in August. We need to think of a parish Mission Statement and a Vision Statement to guide us here at St. Mary Roman Catholic Church. Additionally, since my arrival, I have met many wonderful people doing great things at St. Mary's without making noise about their duties. I love these people who make things happen. I encourage everyone to volunteer in any way they can to assist in the growth of our parish community.

A few things continue to fall on our plate; recognizing faces and calling persons by name will continue including knowing what they do here in the parish. There is also a planned meeting with leaders in August and a meeting with diocesan officials concerning the Together Let Us Go Forth -- Juntos Sigamos Adelante Campaign.

Thanks for your continuous prayers and support and we look forward to greater spiritual encounters ahead. Remember, Fr. Julius Kayiwa and I are here to assist you in your spiritual journey. We are mere vessels in the hands of God, and we are pleased to be serving in your midst.