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Living the Gospel in a Secular World

06-26-2022Weekly ReflectionDouglas Sousa, S.T.L.

How do I fit the practice of my faith into the demands of everyday life?

Putting our faith into action is the challenge of every believer. We are pulled between making time for prayer and good works on the one hand and raising a family and holding down a job on the other. It is difficult to pray the rosary or study the Bible when supper needs to be prepared, the kids need a ride to soccer practice or when we have to work overtime on a project. It is difficult to keep our minds focused on the kingdom of God when so many other demands are made on our time and energy. 


Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix Statement on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Decision of the Supreme Court


“Every human life, from conception to natural death, no matter the circumstances, is a direct gift from God.


The Sacrament of Abiding Prescence

06-19-2022Weekly ReflectionBr. John-Marmion Villa

Imagine this: you’ve been waiting a long time to attend a conference with a speaker whom you admire. You’ve paid the registration, made your travel plans, settled into your hotel, and now you’ve taken your seat among many others, ready to listen, learn, and be inspired. You are ready to take notes, and you even snap a quick selfie so you can post your attendance to your social accounts, hoping to get some likes and comments. After some dazzling videos and introductions, the presentation begins with some jaw-dropping demonstrations — miracles — for which there are no real explanations, just amazement. Then, a break.


Trinity Sunday

06-12-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Patrick Riviere

For years scientists have discovered various elements of our world that seem to push the limits of our understanding. The theory that time actually passes relative to the speed of the individual, the reality that everything is composed of various conglomerations of subatomic particles, the infinite vastness and continual expansion of the entire universe — all these theories boggle the mind. It’s hard to wrap your brain around and truly understand the possibility of some of these theories.


Send Out Your Spirit Through Us

06-05-2022Weekly ReflectionAllison Gingras

“Lord, send out your spirit and renew the face of the earth,” like many of the faithful, I can’t read those words without finding myself doing so along with the familiar tune of the Responsorial Psalm. In addition to the song filling my ears, an image also formulates within the heart of my imagination. As I read these words, I can almost feel the mighty rushing wind and see the tongues of fire descending and then dispersing outward to all the earth —animating, maintaining, and inspiring all of creation with the Spirit of the God.